Dear Yoga Loka Community, 

A hearty welcome back to those whom have returned to their in-person classes (it's great to see and feel you again!). An even heartier gratitude to those of you who have continued to support Yoga Loka through your continued tuition payments and attendance via the Zoom classes. Also, to those gracious beings amongst us (I swear they sport wings) who have contributed financially to the Yoga Loka Scholarship Fund, which helps to support those who are in need of a little support, a warm heartfelt hug of gratitude. 

While on the subject of gratitude... a giant shout out of recognition and appreciation to a long time dedicated yogi at Yoga Loka who has generously donated a NEW FILTRATION SYSTEM!! A certified HEPA air filter that captures up to 99.97% of airborne particles and helps reduce bacteria and viruses! He is now comfortable taking off his mask for practices, and hopes you will be too. A hearty Thank You for your practice and for the sincere caring of your community as well. 

Continuing to soar with the wings of uncertainty and change, Yoga Loka expands its soft re-opening by adding a few additional Live In-Person Classes this coming week (schedule below). All of our classes will still be live streaming as some people gently find their way back into the Yoga Loka studio to join what we now call a "hybrid" class where some students are at Yoga Loka in person with the teacher while simultaneously live streaming alongside the Zoom participants. If you come to the studio know you will not be on camera, if that matters to you. 

With the social distancing requirements we are able to host a maximum of 6-7 students at a time in the studio and will ask you to email the teacher to make a reservation for the class you would like to attend. The email address can be found on our schedule page.If you do not see an email address under the class you are interested in, it means that particular class is only offered Live Streamed via Zoom right now. 

Yoga is about health, well-being, truth, freedom, breath, social justice, inter- and intra-connectedness, community, and learning to be comfortable in uncomfortable and uncertain situations. I’m pretty sure we could all could use at least some of all that right now. In my opinion, the practice of yoga is essential. My hope is you are continuing your practice or are rounding up the motivation to get back to your practice. 

Here is a list of the "In person" classes currently offered at Yoga Loka: 

8:00 a.m.
Tuesday - Slow, Gentle & Deep is the New Advanced w/Kimberlee Orenstein
Thursday - Slow, Gentle & Deep is the New Advanced w/ Kimberlee Orenstein
Friday - Wake Up Your Chakras w/Monica Limon
Saturday -  (8:45 a.m.) - Foundations Level 1 w/Mary Dugan
Sunday  - (8:45 a.m.) - All Levels Vinyasa w/Kim Allcock 
9:30 a.m.
Tuesday – Harmonizing the Energy Body w/Monica Limon
Thursday - Harmonizing the Energy Body w/Monica Limon
Friday  - (begins June 26) - Yin Yoga w/Heidi Gabelman
12:15 p.m.   
- Yin Yoga w/Heidi Gabelman
Tuesday - Mellow Flow w/Julie Simpson
Friday - Energetic Flow w/Julie Simpson
5:30 p.m.
Tuesday - Energetic Flow w/Julie Simpson  
Wednesday - All Levels Vinyasa w/Kim Allcock
Friday - Flow for All w/KIm Allcock
Here is what to expect when attending class in person:

  • Know that we will do our very best to keep people safe. And we trust you will offer the same.
  • Please wash your hands or use sanitizer upon arriving. 
  • We ask that you bring your own props for now (mat, blanket, blocks and strap if you have them). We will not have props available for you to use during this time. 
  • Masks are optional. Please be respectful of the choices other people make.
  • Remember breathing through your nose (Ujjayi breathing) helps combat viruses. The nose is meant for breathing, mouth for eating. Breathe through your mouth as often as you would eat through your nose. It’s better for everyone!
  • Perhaps wait outdoors if you arrive early and wait for any class in session to end. Be mindful of the one direction arrows in and out of the studio (counterclockwise).
  • Please take post class conversations outside to clear the way for the next class coming in.
  • The floor will be disinfected before each class.
  • Is it a given that if you’re not feeling well, you stay home?!
  • Remember to email the teacher to make a reservation for the class you would like to attend in person (no need to pre-register for Zooming). The email address can be found on the Yoga Loka Schedule Page. Please do your best to reserve at least 2 hours in advance. There are a very limited number of spaces.
  • We are excited to see you again! 
Live streaming Zoom class process remains the same:
  • Zoom access link is found on the Yoga Loka Schedule Page. Use it to log in a few minutes before the start of the class to say hello and so as not to disrupt the class when it begins. 
  • No need to pre-register
 Tuition payments for all classes can be made from the Yoga Loka Prices Page.
 Any questions or concerns?
 Call 775-337-2990 Or reply to this message
 Be well and please, keep practicing.
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